Atlanta native, Caroline Bullock creates abstract works on paper that explore the human relationship with the natural world. Bullock is interested in how we create our perceived human reality with complex systems of mathematics, science, and technology, but with nature as the backdrop and laboratory. Mathematics is the language of nature, but it also distorts the perception of natural beauty and mystery. Technology allows us to explore the universe, but also encourages us to manipulate nature to our peril. Bullock is intrigued by our innate proclivity to make sense of the nonsensical, to impose rational explanations and limits upon what is natural, irrational, and unconscious, and to unmask life’s invisible mysteries. Her paintings and drawings attempt to bridge and balance these conflicts in a method that is unexpected and ultimately hopeful.

In her most recent series, “All Possible Worlds,"  Bullock explores her interest in the multiverse or “many-worlds” theory of quantum physics.