Britt Spencer is a Savannah based artist who has been pumping out paintings and other such nonsense for the better part of a decade. He has had five solo exhibitions; Fireside Chats, Craft House, Art Prize, Grand Rapids, MI (2015) where he was included on the Juried Short List , Marquis: Contez Fleurette, Blue Gallery, Lacoste, France (2014), Oddly Enough, in the Alexander Brest Museum, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL (2014), The Dagnabit!!! at Hall Street Gallery, in Savannah, GA (2011) and Mythillogical held at the distinguished Pinnacle Gallery also in Savannah, GA (2006). He has also been invited to participate in various group exhibitions including Pulp Art, at the Carnegie Center of Art in New Albany, IN (2017), Widowmaker, at Rally Ossignton, Toronto, CA (2015), Brilliant Optics at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Fort Wayne, Indiana (2013); Nesting, a Russian nesting doll show at A. Okay Gallery in Chicago (2009); Mr. Beast's Grand Opening at Mr. Beast in Savannah (2010); Cowboys and Indians at the R and R in Los Angeles (2011); and EARTH: Fragile Planet at the Society of Illustrators in New York (2010). In addition, Britt has won entry into various juried exhibitions including New American Paintings No. 99 and No. 118 (2015, 2012); the Society of Illustrators Annual Show 58 & 54 (2016, 2012); Communication Arts Annual (2015); Small Works at the Gutstein Gallery in Savannah (2010); and Society of Illustrators West Annual Show held at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles (2009).