Gregor Turk

Gregor Turk

Gregor Turk is an Atlanta based multidisciplinary artist. As a self-proclaimed 'topophiliac,' he is known for ceramic sculptures, photography, mixed-media constructions and various public art installations. Turk focuses on the fundamental qualities of mapping – “the mysteriousness, inherent biases, cultural authoritativeness, and ability to simultaneously represent and distort reality.” His passion is not necessarily the actual geographic information, but rather what that information tells us about ourselves as individuals and as a culture. Turk received an education from both Rhodes College and Boston University and between degrees served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Liberia, West Africa. His work has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions at institutions such as: The Museum of Contemporary Art Georgia, Delaware Center of Contemporary Arts, Ace Art, and Downey Museum of Art.

His most recent showing at the gallery “Out of Place,” features sculptural maps made of clay or rubber. His main body of work for this exhibition is “Choke II,” a series of carved black and white glazed ceramic tablets depicting geographic constrictions - namely straits and isthmuses - where seas channel and converge, and land masses narrow. Presented as a systematic classification of types, their diverse configurations serve as studies on separation and connectedness. Created during 2020, the work also represents, in part, surrogate foreign destinations not visited due to Covid travel restrictions. 


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