Heather Lancaster

Heather Lancaster

Heather Lancaster is an Atlanta native who hails from a family of artists. Growing up, conversation at home circled around composition, color theory, perspective, and line quality. Rather than photographs, she and her siblings have her mother’s drawings and paintings as primary documentation of their childhood. It seems only natural that such an atmosphere fostered a profound appreciation for art, even as a child. Heather began her own study of art and visual expression as an adolescent and continued it throughout her college years and beyond. Her awareness of and love for the beauty in nature and wildlife is evident in her sensitive, finely rendered drawings of animals and botanical elements.

A Very Loud Silence: Drawings of Gestures and Shadows

In her most recent body of work Heather Lancaster explores the ambiguity and disorientation created by shadows, the power of gestures, and the relief and clarity which result when underlying issues are brought to light. The negative space surrounding the swans is tantamount to the figures themselves, creating a tension between what is assumed and what is truly there.   

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