Our Annual Holiday ENSEMBLE features new bodies of work by Heather Lancaster, Kathryn Keller and Cynthia Knapp, as well as a selection of works by over 40 of our Gallery Artists!


Trish Andersen, Jordan Baker, Evan Blackwell-Helgeson, David Boyd, Amanda Brazier, Amanda Joy Brown, Caroline Bullock, Mark Caceres, Marc Chatov, Myrtie Cope, Eilis Crean, Laura Dargan, Marina Dunbar, Peter Essick, Julie Ferris, Susan Hable, Hannah Hanlon, Kerry Hays, Andrew Herzog, Robert Hightower, Blair Hobbs, Kate Hooray Osmond, Ellen Kierr Stein, Sarah Lamb, Beth Lilly, Chris Little, Coleman Mills, Michael Porten, Vera Pawelzik, Guy Robinson, Sachi Rome, Tokie Rome-Taylor, Katherine Sandoz, Richard Thomas Scott, Corrina Sephora, Jerry Siegel, Richard Skoonberg, Ben Smith, Gregor Turk, Jim Wise, Carlyle Wolfe Lee and Zhou Peng.  


There will be a two day opening reception on Friday, November 19, from 12 - 7 p.m. and Saturday, November 20, from 12 - 4 p.m..


Heather Lancaster
A Study of Ravens: Unkindnesses and Conspiracies


Heather Lancaster seeks a greater understanding of the bird itself, from anatomy to behavioral characteristics she gains a familiarity with the subject she chooses to make the focus of each new body of work.  With Ravens, Heather concentrates on the sheer scale and density of the figure. At the same time, she investigates the elusiveness and mystery involved with a bird possessing such a large presence, sophisticated vocabulary of nonverbal gestures, and distinctive vocal range.


From a technical standpoint, Heather is drawn to details below the surface, using graphite, charcoal and India Ink in varied values to create the form and figure. From within depths of intense and saturated black hues, details emerge incrementally - a process that the viewer and artist share by time spent with each piece. 


Kathryn Keller


Kathryn Keller is a painter based in New Orleans and Alexandria, Louisiana. She received a BA in Fine Art and English from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. She has had subsequent studies at The Arkansas Arts Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, The Arts Student League of New York in New York, NY, and The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her early work can be classified as narrative in nature, focusing on myth, family life, birth, and death. In her late forties, she began working exclusively from life, continuing to draw inspiration from her surroundings, family, and location. Over the past twenty years, she has focused on landscapes, cityscapes, interiors, and portraits, continuing to develop her narrative, figurative, and landscape work. She has said of her practice, “When I first painted a pine tree, I first loved a pine tree. Before I painted the tree, I thought ‘how Inferior to other trees they are!’ But in the painting of the pine tree, I learned how it was made. I marveled in the architecture of it.” She has shown her work throughout the south in galleries and museums and has work in public and private collections.


Cynthia Knapp


Atlanta based artist, Cynthia Knapp was born in the Northeast United States and as a child emigrated to Canada. After completing a BA degree with Honors in Fine Arts at York University in Toronto, her career choices led her back to the States, working as a gallerist and setting up a studio. Knapp has continued a professional visual art career based in Atlanta for over 40 years. Knapp’s paintings and works on paper are musings on the interdependent relationship of natural forms. Fields of color blur, overlap, and interact creating an amalgam of natural shapes, not through representation or expression but rather in portraying the essence of abstraction as seen in the physical environment. At times the work references topography, rock formations or repetitious natural patterning. Paint and glaze are layered, added and removed, until the forms develop on the painting surface. Her works on paper and canvas pieces have been collected and commissioned widely throughout the United States and internationally.