Interlocking Participants

‘Interlocking Participants’

Featuring new works by Cynthia Knapp and Amanda Brazier.
January 31 - March 20
Opening Reception - Friday, January 31, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Atlanta-based artist, Cynthia Knapp creates abstract paintings and works on paper that are musings on the interdependent relationship of natural forms. Fields of color blur, overlap, and interact creating an amalgam of natural shapes, not through representation but rather in portraying the essence of abstraction as seen in the physical environment.  At times the work references topography, rock formations or repetitious natural patterning. All the elements of the painting: line, color, texture or translucence are enhanced by their surrounding absence. They exist as interlocking participants.

Knapp says of these works, "
My major intent is to create a visual dialog, a mediation between seeming autonomous forms, and keep it constantly in play. This intercession happens while constructing and editing visual elements into a symbiotic balance.

Each form is interdependent on the visual space that surrounds it. Line-gestures, like rivers defining a landscape they carve through, mark an essence of motion while also creating a spacial displacement around that movement. Sometimes linear references define the edge of a form which poses a topographical contour to suggest its volume, wresting dimensionality. An organic rounded irregular form, rock-like, can float in a void but just as importantly it suggests the vitality of that void."

Knapp has continued a professional visual art career based in Atlanta for over 40 years and has been collected and commissioned widely throughout the United States and internationally. 

Chattanooga-based painter, Amanda Brazier creates pattern-based paintings using hand-made oil paints from locally gathered earth pigments. She makes and utilizes her own paint in order to connect more deeply with the history and materials of painting and place. Her subject matter often references textile structures and primitive dwellings. Like the building process, her paintings develop through stacking, weaving and assembling simple forms. The textures and patterns suggest familiar spaces that not only cover our bodies, but also connect our souls. She received a BA in Studio Art and Spanish from Freed-Hardeman University and is a facilitator for the public art organization Mark Making.


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