Choice, Chance & Circumstance

Featuring new work by five artists: Spencer Sloan, Beth Lilly, Peter Essick, Andrew Herzog and Zhou Peng

“Choice, Chance & Circumstance” explores new approaches in 21st century fine art photography.  From glitch apps to drones, these artists are using the latest tools to expand our ideas about taking and processing photographs.

Opening Reception - Friday, September 13, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Atlanta based mixed-media artist, Spencer Sloan explores the obsession with celebrity culture, the invasion of privacy, and the complex issues of ownership of image, appropriation and copyright. Sloan does this by digitally manipulating high-resolution paparazzi photographs into pure abstraction, turning the voyeuristic into the inviolable, creating a post-modern commentary on societal values in relation to contemporary pop culture.

Atlanta based photographer, Beth Lilly utilizes a variety of photographic styles in her conceptually driven projects that speculate on the interplay of choice, chance and circumstance. Her latest body of work, “Rhythm and Flow” is a series of photographs of natural elements rearranged into gridded patterns that evoke the urge in nature to connect and evolve.

Atlanta based photographer and author, Peter Essick specializes in nature and environmental themes, making photographs that move beyond mere documentation to reveal, in careful compositions, the human impact of development, as well as the enduring power of the land. His recent body of work features multiple image photographic collages, many of which were made from a drone’s perspective.

New York based artist and designer, Andrew Herzog creates a variety of works that explore the relationship between the viewer and the artist with themes of accessibility and prioritized sight, often taking the form of photographs, books, drawings, site-specific sculptures and interactive performances. Herzog’s on-going series of photographs “Walking Lines,” utilizes a drone to capture his walking as a form of mark making.  

Zhou Peng is a fine art photographer from Shanghai, China. Formally trained as an oil painter, Peng soon turned to commercial photography, but also kept a passion for fine art photography. His semi-abstract photographs explore the fusion of multiple cultures and concepts leading to new ways of seeing and thinking. He is currently an MFA candidate in the photography department at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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