"Color Pulled" by Elizabeth Stockton

Elizabeth Stockton's paintings are inspired by her interest in minimalism, ethereal images, and love of white. In her more ordered paintings, her final layers of paint are made with clean brushstrokes of white to overlap, or form a veil over, bold strokes of color and texture. This produces a subtle, mysterious painting as the multiple layers show through in varying degrees. She is equally drawn to making complicated paintings with convoluted pigments, rigorous brush strokes and reckless marks. These paintings are emotionally charged with color and animation. They speak to her interest in action painting, graphics, gesture and profundity. Depth is critical to her art. It is produced by an impulsive process of adding (and subtracting) layers of oil, which are dried between applications giving the canvas weight and texture. Even if the layers are completely covered, they are there. Sometimes creating a visually undetectable element. Elizabeth follows a course of simplifying and complicating until the painting starts to emerge and show a hint of what it wants to be. She's not so much a make-it-happen artist as a let-it-happen one.

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