Our Annual Ensemble show features new works by Heather Lancaster, Sarah Lamb & Julie Ferris alongside small works by 30 gallery artists!

Trish Andersen, Jordan Baker, Mark Boomershine, David Boyd, Caroline Bullock, Mark Caceres, Marc Chatov, Chris Condon, Laura Dargan, Marina Dunbar, Peter Essick, Aimee Farnet Siegel, Charlie Hanavich, Kerry Hays, Andrew Herzog, Robert Hightower, Kate Hooray Osmond, Cynthia Knapp, Beth Lilly, Zhou Peng, Katherine Sandoz, Richard Thomas Scott, Corrina Sephora, Jerry Siegel, Spencer Sloan , Ben Smith, Britt Spencer, Ellen Stein, Guy Robinson, Gregor Turk

“Ghosts in the Landscape: A Visual Study of Barn Owls” by Heather Lancaster

In her latest body of work, Heather Lancaster ventures beyond strict representation of the subject matter to explore the abstract nature of lines, shapes, patterns and values.   Marks made with graphite, charcoal, and India ink emphasize the importance of awareness and observation to appreciate fully that which often eludes us...and how the less obvious aspects of the natural world act in unison to create ghosts in the landscape.

Opening Reception: Friday November 8, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.
On view November 8 - January 13

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